Privacy Policy

The Privacy Policy of is a fundamental pillar for the protection and respect of the personal data of users. The purpose of the policy is to provide clear guidelines on how personal data is collected, processed, and used.

During your visit to the website, there is a possibility of data collection. When you fill in forms for reservations or applications, you are providing personal data such as your full name, email address, etc. This data is collected to provide the services offered by the website, such as processing reservations and responding to other requests.

The security of personal data is a priority for CYCLOS Travel, and precautionary measures are taken to protect them both during and after the user’s connection. Only authorized persons of the company have access to personal data, and the information communicated through the booking forms is subject to SSL encryption.

The use of cookies by CYCLOS Travel seeks to optimize the browsing experience of users. Cookies store information about the user and are used for technical reasons.

With regard to users’ rights regarding their personal data, they have the right to request information, demand corrections, updates or deletion of their data. They also have the right to demand the cessation of the processing of their personal data.

KYCLOS Travel is committed to be constantly informed of any changes in the privacy and personal data protection policy in order to ensure compliance with the highest standards of security and protection of users.

For any questions or concerns about the privacy policy, users can contact the company at or at: KYKLOS TRAVEL, 23 Nikis 23, 105 57, Athens, Greece.